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The Nursery Site (ChurchNursery .com) is the leading resource for professional nurseries and daycare facilities around the world. Over 7,000 church nurseries and professional daycares relay on us for their baby nursery supplies and security labels. Helping you run a safe and efficient baby nursery is what we are all about.

Our online store has thousands of name brand baby nursery products and supplies, The staff at SafeKids, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with fast and courteous service. As the industry leader, we provide cost effective products and services that solve many of the challenges caregivers are faced with while running a safe and secure nursery.

At ChurchNursery we carry the highest quality baby nursery products and supplies available. Whether you are setting up a new nursery or maintain an existing one, from quality carpets to changing stations, you will find all of the name brand professional products you have come to trust over the years.

Authorized distributor for most major brands of nursery products and church supplies.

Koala Changing Stations, Carpet for Kids, Italtrike, Me4Kids, Microframe, Jonti Craft and many more.

Nursery Security Labels and Alert Tags

Designed by SafeKids, Inc., ChurchNursery security labels are trusted by nurseries and parents alike worldwide.

Simple and easy to use, each label consists of two parts, the information tab and the stub. Each label has a unique number. In just a few moments parents can fill out the information part and attach it to the child. They keep the stub, as it is required for the parent to pick up the child, they must have the matching number.

TIP: Color Scheme.. Have your labels printed on different color stock. Use a different color for each room or age group. It makes it quick for parents and caregivers.

Baby Nursery Security Lables and Security Alert Tags

Our numbering process is flexible and make it possible for SafeKids to meet your specific design needs. Our security labels also work great with digital number boards. Some nurseries use different number ranges for different rooms such as 100-199 for the one-year-olds and 200-299 for the two-year-olds. It is also common for churches to have several different label designs with different colors to quickly identify the group the child belongs to.

Nursery Alert Tags and special use tags are also available. The alert tags are used to remind caregivers of any special medical or security concerns for a child. You can also have these custom printed.

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